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[update 2013-02-26]: you may try freeware HarePoint Workflow Scheduler, which is much better.

The open source project here is mainly for learning purpose.


Project Description
SharePoint 2010 workflow timer, which can schedule site workflows and list workflows. Sub sites supported. Upgrading from previous version is not supported.

SharePoint 2010 only.

During the installing, the objects below will be created for the specified site collection:

1. http://SharePoint:port/Lists/EFWorkflowTimerCfg
List to store the workflow relevant information.

2. http://SharePoint:port/Lists/EFWorkflowTimerHistory
List to store history data and debugging data.

3. http://SharePoint:port/Lists/EFWorkflowTimerJob
Links library to store the links of the timer job's maintenance pages.

4. http://SharePoint:port/SitePages
If this document library doesn't exist, then it will be created to store the maintenance page.

5. http://SharePoint:port/SitePages/EFWorkflowTimerAdminLink.aspx
Maintenance page.

6. 5 timer jobs for Minutes, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly timer.

7. "EF WorkflowTimer Admin" link under "Site Settings" -> "Site Collection Administration"

8. If cannot activate the feature, please follow 

More screenshots are here

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